The Issues

State Senator Laura Murphy is fighting for working families.

“The 28th district is a special place I love and that I’m proud to represent. What makes our district unique are the people who live here and our passion to continuously improve our community. As your State Senator, my focus has always been on protecting working families, preserving the integrity of our district, prioritizing safety, and giving us the resources to strengthen our local economies. I believe in working across the aisle to reach compromises that benefit everyone, but I am not afraid to stand up to Republicans on issues of reproductive freedom, adequately funding our schools and state services.  I take pride in helping  constituents resolve problems and strive to restore their faith in government.”

- State Senator LAURA MURPHY

Property Taxes

Property taxes should not be the only funding source for our schools. It is unfair to homeowners that with each assessment, property taxes keep going up and up. Our hard working families can’t keep up, and our communities are becoming unaffordable. That is why I consistently support legislation aimed at reducing the burden of property taxes.

We need to put the burden of funding schools back on the state, not property owners. That’s why I supported legislation that allows local governments to consider the actual needs of their local schools, opening avenues for additional revenue sources available from the state government when they reassess property taxes. This will help control rising property taxes for homeowners throughout Illinois.

No one is more at risk of losing their homes due to increasing property taxes than our senior citizens. After working hard throughout their careers to pay off their mortgages, it’s just plain wrong to put this heavy burden onto senior citizens. Thanks to legislation I sponsored, more seniors are eligible to receive property tax exemptions to help keep costs down.

If we are allowing TIF districts in our communities we should know how they are measuring up to their promises of helping local economies grow. That’s why I passed a law that requires more consistent and measurable data on the success of TIF projects, with mandatory  reports now required to include projected and actual job creation.


Schools are pillars in our community, and I will never compromise the quality of education that is offered throughout the 28th district. As a state senator, I have supported and passed legislation that provides more revenue streams for our schools, increases teacher salaries, and reduces unnecessary spending in our school districts.

There is a shortage of quality educators and support staff for schools throughout Illinois. To address this issue and ensure  our students are still getting the quality education they deserve, I passed a law that reduces the barriers of entry for teacher’s aids so that our teachers and students have the support they need to excel in the classroom.

Students who are experiencing homelessness should still have the materials and support they need to attend school and participate in the classroom so they’re prepared to go to college and find jobs to support themselves as adults. That’s why I passed legislation that requires school districts to purchase enough textbooks for students whose families can’t afford them and waives all school fees for homeless students.

We should encourage children to visit our libraries and make it easy for them to access their library resources. That is why I created the Cards for Kids program, which allows all children access to a library card regardless of their address or income without additional fees.

We focus a lot of our attention on investing in education from kindergarten to 12th grade and I want to ensure that this investment is not lost to other states and help ensure students and their families can afford their next step. Whether it’s college, vocational school, or an apprenticeship, I want students to have options that won’t bury them in debt. That’s why I sponsored a law that focuses on making educational materials more affordable and proposed legislation to give middle class families tax credits for tuition and fees.

Thriving Economy

Helping our local businesses and attracting new businesses to Illinois have been cornerstones of my work in the State Senate. I know that businesses need resources to succeed, and I have secured millions of dollars in grants for businesses in our district coupled with additional funding for investments in our local infrastructure, creating jobs and making Illinois a great place to live and work.

I helped 30 businesses in our district secure over $2 million in grants through the Back to Business program. I notified eligible businesses and followed up with them to help make sure they collected their funding. Restaurants, salons, and event venues were especially hard hit due to the pandemic. To help them stay afloat, I helped secure $730,000 in dedicated grant funding.

I secured more than $125 million to fund infrastructure projects in our district that will bring more jobs to our area. Funding will be used for transportation projects and making our community more accessible. These improvement projects will help attract more businesses and families to the area.

By attracting technology companies to our region, we are securing high paying, quality jobs for our community and increasing visitors to our region. Thanks to my work passing legislation that provides incentives for data centers to locate in Illinois, Elk Grove Village has become one of the largest data centers in the country. I will continue to support legislation that expands the district as a hub for technology companies and data centers.

The Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act, a law I sponsored, provides financial incentives to the manufacturers of electric vehicle parts and power supply manufacturers to move to Illinois. These companies will benefit from tax incentives, but our workers win too. In order for companies to receive the tax benefits, they will need to pay at least 120% of the average wage paid in the county where they are located, meaning the creation of new and better paying jobs.

Innovative and sustainable jobs will also come to our region thanks to the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which I actively supported. It will benefit our environment and our economy. New workforce training programs will help prepare current power plant employees for long-term and good paying jobs in the green energy industry that’s fast becoming a reality in Illinois.

Not every high school graduate wants to go to college. I ensured more options for students who want to enter the workforce. I passed a law that allows students to get high school credits while training to receive special certification to work with the disabled population. Allowing students to train and prepare for a quality job can lead to better wages and less time training after graduation.


The Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade endangers women’s lives and threatens to infringe on our privacy rights. This decision puts access to birth control and IVF at risk and it limits physician’s options when treating women who have a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. I worked to protect those rights here in Illinois, by voting to codify Roe v. Wade, and I will continue defending a woman’s bodily autonomy and protecting our access to healthcare.

It’s wrong for pharmaceutical companies to exploit those who rely on their medications. That’s why I co-sponsored a law that reduces the out of pocket cost of insulin so that people can get the medication they need without going into debt for a common, life-saving drug.

I worry about the physical and mental well being of families throughout Illinois, and I want to make sure they have access to the care they need. That’s why I passed a law that addresses the shortage of mental health professionals and increases access to high-quality mental health services across the State. This same law expands behavioral health training and makes it easier for advanced practice nurses to treat patients.

There are many benefits to music therapy, and I wanted to create the infrastructure so that this type of care is accessible to those who will benefit the most. I passed a law that creates a Music Therapy Advisory Committee and allows for the licensure of music therapists. 

I championed a law that ensures those who are in nursing homes receive the best care possible. We reassessed everything related to nursing home care by using an evidenced-based methodology and made changes to staffing requirements, payment methods, and quality standards. These changes will help improve the quality of life for our seniors and reduce racial inequities and health disparities for nursing facility residents enrolled in Medicaid.

Legislation I sponsored will increase the pipeline of healthcare workers and help us see more representation in our health care provider workforce. By creating the Equity and Representation in Health Care Workforce Repayment and Scholarship Programs, health care professionals, medical facility staff, and behavioral health providers can apply for loan repayment assistance.

Too many mothers and babies are dying during pregnancy and labor. The rates are alarming, especially because many of the deaths could be prevented. Data confirms that midwife delivered care saves the lives of mothers, newborns, and prevents stillbirths. That’s why I co-sponsored a law that permits midwives to become licensed in the state of Illinois and can more easily access support from hospitals and provide quality care to mothers and babies.

Public Safety

Everyone has a right to feel safe in their home and I want to make sure Illinois feels safe for all of us. To do so, I supported legislation that will make it safer for tourism to grow by targeting violent crimes, carjackings, and retail theft. Now, prosecutors will be able to go after criminal ring leaders responsible for carrying out crimes in our neighborhoods and local businesses.

I have always supported our law enforcement personnel and give them the resources they need to keep us safe. I consistently vote to provide the police with the funding they need to improve their quality of service, keep their standards high, and access the resources they need to do their job well.

Legislation I supported ensures first responders, who are constantly exposed to traumatic events through their work, have access to mental health resources. To ensure we have quality law enforcement officers, I co-sponsored legislation that creates the Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention Fund to support departments through the hiring and training processes and as they find ways to improve retention strategies.

To keep our communities safe, we have to make sure we encourage responsible gun ownership and keep illegal guns out of the hands of people who can’t pass a background check. That’s why I supported banning ghost guns and creating red flag laws. We can create laws that keep us safe and don’t infringe on the rights of responsible gun owners.

To improve public safety and quickly respond to criminal activity, we needed to get more cameras on our expressways. That is why I sponsored a law that expands funds for high quality expressway cameras under the Illinois Tollway Authority’s jurisdiction and requires them to include funding for these cameras in their annual budgets.

Community Investment

During my time in Springfield I have fought to ensure that we get the funding we need to maintain and improve our community’s parks, libraries and affordable housing.

This past year I raised more than $400,000 for libraries in our district and supported legislation that eliminates library fees for children who live in unincorporated areas. I also secured grants to increase housing affordability and additional grants for homeowners to make renovations. And, I got our local parks more than $5 million, so that children and families can enjoy everything our district has to offer.


It’s a new era in Springfield, and I’m proud to have fought for much-needed ethics reform. I worked to pass a comprehensive approach to ethics reform that addresses lobbying, political fundraising, and salaries. I wanted to make sure that those in office and government were motivated to serve, not make a profit. Noone should benefit financially from their votes in public office.

Climate & Environment

As a parent and a State Senator, I have the responsibility of making sure future generations can enjoy what our state, nation and planet have to offer. That is why I strongly supported the Clean Energy and Jobs Act and I continue supporting laws that will help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our environment.


Veterans put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom, and they deserve our thanks for their service. That’s why I’ve passed laws that provide property tax relief for disabled veterans, tailored support services for students who are serving or have served in the military, and in-state tuition rates to all active duty military and all individuals receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Fiscal Responsibility

For too long, our state struggled with managing its budget and we saw that manifest in a lack of funding for vital services and concerns about making pension payments. I took action by supporting fiscal restraint and working to balance our budget. Thanks to my efforts, Illinois now has a budget surplus, improved credit rating and secured pension payments.

Ongoing Work

As an experienced legislator, I know how to work with community stakeholders to identify problems, find solutions and–most importantly–pass laws that fix those problems. As State Senator for the 28th district, I will continue working to find and implement common sense solutions that improve the lives of our community members, while setting higher standards for elected officials, elections and government operations.

A few of my upcoming priorities include: